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This belongs on Twitter or Facebook. . .

. . .but neither of those will let me cut for Lost spoilers.

So, out of three or four candidates (I can never remember if the pilot guy is one or if he's just along for the ride) who died on the Submarine of Doom, one was Middle Eastern and the other two were Korean. The color on the show just went down, like, 90%. Hurley had better watch himself because I suspect he might be next.

(Although to be honest, I think Jack is the only one in the Party who's actually supposed to survive. Desmond will lead all the Sideways!World people into a big epic battle against Smoke Monster and Whitmore, and when the dust settles Jack will be left all alone on the island to a) become the next Jacob, or b) Jear himself into an early death by dehydration. Possibly both.)

In other news I have discovered the best apple cobbler recipe known to man. ::om nom nom::
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